Episode 3 is here and it’s hotter than ever!

We discuss the media coverage of the McCanns, 911, America’s withdrawl from Iraq and, on a lighter note, the Police.

The making of this podcast required two bottles of rose, a bottle of white and some fine sushi – hey it’s not all sweat and toil.

Please keep those comments and suggestions coming.

We thank you.

The Bullshit Bingo boys.Download bb_ep3.mp3


4 Responses to “EPISODE 3 – DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT”

  1. Lawrence Barraclough Says:

    I found episode 4 to be very dry. Far too much soap boxing from Sean, Tom sounds like he is board to death and Eddie well nothing funny from him this week.

    I’m sorry (I’m being polite), this episode didn’t seem to take into account an audience at all, and just felt like listening to three blokes having a rant in a pub after closing time. I learnt nothing new and it didn’t make me laugh once. Oh well, better luck with episode 4.

  2. Tuesday Says:

    Interestingly Lindy Chamberlain (dingo, Ayers Rock) has offered her support for the McCanns. Appropriate as both are pretending not to have killed their child….

  3. Richard Says:

    It’s very well made, slick even. And you’re all informed so it was interesting. But I agree with Lawrence – it is like listening to some blokes up the pub. I’d like to have joined in the conversation, which I suppose is a positive, but basically made me think I’d rather be… up the pub! Fancy a pint?!

  4. J Says:


    I’ve just listened to all three pod casts and can’t wait for more. Really funny and poignant discussion from all. Pod casts are one of the true innovations to hit the World Wide Web since a bunch of ugly balding amateur couples realised that they could have sex and charge lonely geeks vast sums of money as some sort of pseudo-compensation for all the chaffing.

    I look forward to the development of the series and all of your input. The team appears to fit well together and it is interesting to hear all of your points of view on the foibles of modern life. It is well made and you should all be proud, well done.

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