What with this new-fangled downloading nonsense – and before it, the death of vinyl and its 12-inch gatefold sleeves – album artwork ain’t what it used to be.

Inspired by this brilliant ad campaign by Smooth Radio (and look, it’s started a whole trend among The Kids!) –

– the boys discuss some of their most memorable album covers, which include the following:

And find out why, for Sean, this iconic image –

– shall be forever connected with this marginally less iconic image:

Personally, I remember being hypnotised by the debut Bucks Fizz album, and would stare endlessly in close-up at the marvellous make-up on the ladies, the cover shot only being bettered by being EVEN BIGGER on the inside gatefold:

Although I also remember being equally slightly disturbed by their third album Hand Cut, with its bizarre cover image. Perhaps Bucks Fizz had started collaborating with Roger Dean by this point?




  1. Kym Beechey Says:

    Sean, I remember when we were at school you pretended to HATE Bucks Fizz! That admission must have been a load off your shoulders.

  2. bingoandrea Says:

    Kym – the posts were in fact written by me, Andrea, not Sean. so no duplicity has been committed by him… ;-).

  3. bingotom Says:

    Actually, I’ve often heard him eulogise about the dance routines from ‘Making Your Mind Up’…

  4. bingoandrea Says:

    ooh.. I feel a topic for the next podcast coming on. how about:

    Top 10 favourite Bucks Fizz costumes


  5. Kym Beechey Says:

    Sorry, Andrea. I guess I should also now apologise to Sean (he he) or……..NOT!
    While we are on the subject, ask him about our school radio station. Much fun and Bucks Fizz was had!

  6. bingoandrea Says:

    Kym – I often feel like doing this podcast is like doing a school radio station. now I know where Sean honed his presenting skills!

    (You guys drank Bucks Fizz in high school??)

  7. Kym Beechey Says:

    I think I really need to dig up an old shot of our Sean…stay tuned

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