Recognise this man?


No?  Well, that’s because he really should be more famous.

Listen to Episode 13 to find out who he is, who he might possibly have had angry sex with – and which other musicians we think are greatly underrated. (Note: Bucks Fizz not featured this time.)

And do tell us who *you* think is great, and yet insufficiently recognised. (Note: Bucks Fizz are allowed. I wish I’d said Five Star, too.)


  1. bingotom Says:

    Believe me, I could reel off several hours’ worth of Todd Rundgren factoids, but my Trivia That Didn’t Make It Into the Show for this month is that apparently, Todd is blessed with a positively gargantuan schlong. All the more reason to go out and buy (or possibly pirate) his entire back catalogue, in my humble opinion.

  2. bingoandrea Says:

    EWW! *Puts fingers in ears and goes ‘LA LA LA LAAA!’*

  3. bingoandrea Says:

    I just thought of someone else to add to this list: kd lang. one of the best voices of the 20th century.

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