If so, we want to know what happened. Unless you slept with them, in which case you can probably make a lot more money telling The News Of The World than you will do telling us. Just a little tip there, in these hard economic times.

So, yes: in Episode 15, we’ll be talking about our hilarious/painful/embarrassing encounters with famous people. And believe us, we’ve got some. Including a story about this lot –


– who clearly haven’t recovered since said encounter, because where are they now? Eh?

So: we want to know your stories, too! If you’ve got an anecdote about meeting a celeb, please let us know – just tell us all about it in a comment below. You can use a pseudonym, so don’t worry about getting sued for libel or anything. We’ll take the heat.


2 Responses to “HAVE YOU MET A CELEBRITY?”

  1. Charlotte Cooper Says:

    I met Ian brown in a lift in Soho, he looked down at a newborn Lili and said “‘Eh, cute kid”.

    I also served tea to Alex Cox amongst others…

  2. bingotom Says:

    That’s all very well, but what we really want to know is, how did Alex Cox take his tea? Milk, sugar, lemon, iced?

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