…I mean, apart from British, obviously.

In the January podcast, we’ll be discussing NILFS – Nationalities I’d Like to… Erm.. You know. Have Ugandan talks with.

So tell us: which nationality does it for you?

Is it sexy Italian gay strippers footballers?


Wholesome American girls?


Or Swedes?


Tell us who your NILF is/are – in a comment below. Go on, you know you want to… (tell us, that is. Not sleep with one of the men in ABBA).


  1. Ineke Says:

    Eeek, I started writing a response….but then I felt really racist with my prejudices just lying out in the open. How can I say “Nigerians are the only African men who do it for me”? Or how stupid and petty am I when I observe, “hairy Turkish men with long eyelashes can be so unbelievably hot”?
    But you were spot on with the Italians… top of my list, those whinging, pedantic, pretty-boy Italians…that country can get it sooo wrong, but when they get it right…..divine.

  2. bunk Says:

    is that Abba? lmao!

  3. bingotom Says:

    Apparently, sales of tin foil in Sweden went through the roof after that photo shoot…

  4. amanda Says:

    TURKISH men are so sexy… At least until they turk 30 when they gain that big stomach :D. They say a man without a stomach is like a house without a balcony :D

  5. bob Says:

    american girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. L.G Says:

    the cheerleaders up their are hot

  7. Mainkey Says:

    I would have to say I find Scottish, Italian, Greek, English, American, and Spanish Men Are all Hawt!

  8. marco Says:

    italian gay?
    se ti dente Gattuso ti strappa le palle

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