Fashion disasters


Tartan flares, wingnut collars, platform shoes – and those were just the school uniforms.


Yes, we’ve all worn silly clothes at some point or another: mostly in the seventies, and mostly when we were too young to know better. But while last season’s must-have is often this season’s must-have-been-drunk-at-the-time, threads that we thought had gone out of fashion also have a habit of reappearing to – as they say – wow the catwalks.


So, in our next episode, the BSB team will be revealing our fashion disasters: times when we should at least have looked in the mirror before we walked out of the front door, or perhaps just thought twice before picking up that Argyle polo neck in the Fosters sale.

And we know that we’re not alone. We know that you, our beloved listeners, have also had some bad hat days, bad shirt days and possibly even bad hot pants days. So don’t be shy, sit on our collective BSB knee and tell us all about it. We promise we won’t laugh, and if we do, we’ll be laughing with you, not at you. Honest.

One Response to “Fashion disasters”

  1. J Says:

    The 70’s
    Look at an image of KISS from this era and it will give you the general idea.

    The 80’s
    As an 80’s guy fashion pretty much meant one of two looks. You were either about to invade Germania so you’d be wearing chains, studded leather collars and belts with HUGE buckles, leather pants, huge leather boots and shoulder pads that are usually reserved for American footballers. Or you aspired to look like a 15 year old kid who’d grown out of his bar mitzvah suit. Skin tight, usually white suits with skinny ties (cause the 80’s guy was far too cool for the wide tie anymore) with gel spiked hair or a perm was completely acceptable and sunglasses from the Sir Elton collection.
    Favourite Fashion Disaster’s for women for this Decade:
    The Power suit

    The 90’s
    A 90’s guy was apparently more astute than his 80’s counterpart. This was self evident when the 90’s guy was influenced by GI Joe into wearing urban camouflage, The Swedes leant us seemingly inflatable clothing that should have stayed on a ski slope but was acceptable all year round often in vest form, Billy Ray Cyrus gave us “the mullet” and Bozo the clown gave us his pants. The more evolved 90’s guy thought nothing of walking down the street in any combination of the above, one day he was “off to join the circus” the next he aspired to sign up and help the American’s shell the hell out of General Noriega’s front lawn. If you didn’t look like the above then you borrowed your general look from old vampire movies and became a Gothic, resorting to telling the rest of us how much the world sucked and that we were all conformists while writing bad poetry with your friends, smoking and drinking coffee cause that’s what non-conformists did. Or you wore a baseball cap sideways and parachute pants while trying to find a word to rhyme with loser for your latest demo tape. Regardless of your particular look (unless you lucked out and chose Gothic) you can grow a goatee and look like an ex-con without anyone batting an eyelid.
    Favourite Fashion Disaster’s for women for this Decade:
    The Tramp Stamp

    The Noughties
    Ever wanted to work on a Jamaican Banana boat? If the answer is “yes” then as a noughties man you’ve spent most of the new millennium wearing cargo pants and boat shoes. If the answer was “no” then you’ve either spent these years wondering where you can fit yet another piercing, or you became an EMO and started cutting yourself because you’re edgy and mysterious. While finding your fashion sense chances are you’ve been deliberately shaving your head and wondering what all the fuss was about when your Dad freaked out about going bald.
    Favourite Fashion Disaster’s for women for this Decade:
    The “I’m about to invade Poland” look of knee high boots, skin tight black pants, and leather jackets.

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