Everything’s amazing, nobody’s happy…


As an aside to Episode 18, this is what the BSB team watched a couple of weeks ago as a kind of comedy warm-up for the recording process. Even though we had no idea who Louis CK was until we saw it, we think it’s very funny indeed, and has a kind of zeitgeist-defining quality that sums up a lot of things about the modern world and Western society.

If you feel as philosophical (and perhaps pessimistic) about this kind of thing as we do, and you also don’t mind reading something that includes franky made-up words like ‘millenarianism’, you may also want to check this out.

2 Responses to “Everything’s amazing, nobody’s happy…”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Absolutely love this, thanks for drawing it to my attention! (oh dear this sounds like one of those spam comments, doesn’t it?)

  2. bingotom Says:

    ‘Thanks for drawing it to my attention, and by the way, can I interest you in this miraculous hair loss treatment?’ Or perhaps, ‘Thanks for drawing it to my attention, and by the way, if you’ve been feeling unhappy despite everything being amazing, how about trying this miraculous new anti-depressant?’

    Something else funny that I recently found (and which we may use a warm-up for episode 20) is this:

    Nothing to do with Louis CK, but it did make me laugh like a drain.

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