To rip off or not to rip off…


A few years ago, the multi-national corporate behemoth that is Honda almost had a lawsuit on their hands. Their so-called ‘Cog’ TV advertisement bore a striking resemblance to this rather wonderful short film, although in the event, the matter never made it to court, and Honda’s plagiaristic publicity department got to surf on a wave of critical acclaim and industry awards, while directors Peter Fischli and David Weiss continued to languish in relative obscurity.

Cut to the summer of 2009, and the BSB team are sitting around in their trendy loft apartment, watching their 48″ HD-ready  flat-screen TV and chowing down on vol-au-vents. Up pops a Land Rover ad that uses stop-motion animation to lay a paper trail of still photographs around a swish suburban home. ‘Hang on,’ think the BSB team, ‘we’ve seen something like this before!’ And sure enough, after a bit of Google jiggery-pokery, they find this rather wonderful short film from Japan (ironically enough, the home of Honda).

So, what do you reckon?  Is the Land Rover ad an outright rip-off, or have they hired the same guy who made the wolf / pig film and paid him a top notch commercial director’s fee to recreate the magic of the original in TV ad form?

The BSB team will not rest easy on their expensive leather sofa until they know the truth…

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