Episode 23 – The Election Special – including a debate about the debate, and which wife we’d like to see in Number 10!


Who is going to mend our broken politics? The BSB team, of course! Yes, having Sky Plus-ed the first prime-ministerial debate, we give it a vicious but at the same time balanced and impartial mauling, before touching on other election-related topics, such as which wife of a leader deserves an extra round of voting, and which policy gives us both the heebies, and indeed the jeebies.

Bullshit Bingo Episode 23

For want of a better visual representation of our latest episode, here are some snaps of the aforementioned leader’s wives (which is also a section in this month’s issue of Razzle, as far as we know…) to help you decide which one is the great woman behind an average man.

And in case you fancy working out which party you should really vote for, pop over to this little site, which cunningly disguises the parties behind their policies.


As always, give us your thoughts, leave us your comments, and remember to vote BSB on 6th May!

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