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Episode 17 – Sci-fi sexiness, global pandemics, fantasy interviews and, er, Cannon and Ball!


Having taken a short sabbatical at our Buddhist meditation retreat in the Nepalese mountains, we’re back with the all-singing, all-dancing, all-new…


Yes, this month, we discuss such diverse, wide-ranging, varied and, er, multifarious topics as the intrinsic link between these futuristic femmes-fatales:

Erin Gray

Carrie Fisher

Sigourney Weaver

Also, there’s Formula 1, Howard Hughes, TV partnerships we have known and loved, Mexican swine flu, whether or not Oprah Winfrey is still eating fast food, Sean as a 16 year old, Tom in his slip-ons, and Eddie stealing fast food from a small child (possibly).

Also also, this month, and for all subsequent months (unless we can persuade her to re-appear as a guest star), we shall sadly be without the diverse, wide-ranging, varied and…well, anyway, the many talents of our cohort in conversation, Andrea.

For some reason, Andrea has decided that international musical superstardom is more glamorous than sitting around a rickety table talking about who she’d like to get off with, so if you would like to help her along the way, please invest in her excellent new CD, which is currently shifting big units (if that doesn’t make her sound too much like Aussie Man & Van) in the Far East.

Finally, and as always, we have cunningly inserted a deliberate mistake into Episode 17. The first listener who manages to spot this will receive a hearty pat on the back and a year’s supply of Bullshit Bingo absolutely free – yes, that’s right, absolutely free! By way of a subtle hint, the mistake has something to do with this man:


Happy listening, and watch this space for more info about our glorious 18th birthday episode…

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Fashion disasters


Tartan flares, wingnut collars, platform shoes – and those were just the school uniforms.


Yes, we’ve all worn silly clothes at some point or another: mostly in the seventies, and mostly when we were too young to know better. But while last season’s must-have is often this season’s must-have-been-drunk-at-the-time, threads that we thought had gone out of fashion also have a habit of reappearing to – as they say – wow the catwalks.


So, in our next episode, the BSB team will be revealing our fashion disasters: times when we should at least have looked in the mirror before we walked out of the front door, or perhaps just thought twice before picking up that Argyle polo neck in the Fosters sale.

And we know that we’re not alone. We know that you, our beloved listeners, have also had some bad hat days, bad shirt days and possibly even bad hot pants days. So don’t be shy, sit on our collective BSB knee and tell us all about it. We promise we won’t laugh, and if we do, we’ll be laughing with you, not at you. Honest.

Double acts we have known and loved (or possibly loathed)


In Episode 16 of BSB, we got to talking about a well-known double act, whose personal lives have been almost as colourful as their wardrobe:


So, by way of a tenuous link, we thought it would be interesting to incorporate the twinset theme into our next episode – ie. which were the greatest double acts of all time?

Some people might say these two deserve to be crowned kings of the two-person pantheon:


Others would opt for a more heavyweight duo (or more comical, depending on your point of view):


As trusted listeners to BSB, what do you think? Which funny man / straight man or good cop / bad cop pairings have achieved true greatness in the long history of a couple of people doing stuff together?