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Episode 24 – Celebrity meltdowns, fantasy cuts, Live Aid nostalgia and a coalition critique


Here it is, the all singing, all dancing, all for charity Bullshit Bingo summer special!

First off, and in the manner of Mel Gibson, meltdown man par excellence, we discuss the celebrities who are wanted for crimes against fame and crimes against hairdressing.

Second off, we have some suggestions as to where the economic axe might fall – on this group of South London Sloane Rangers, for example.

Third off, we reminisce about that great day in 1985 when the whole world sang along in unison to Judas Prie…er, I mean Paul McCartn…er, I mean Adam Ant.

And last but not least, we tell you why a coalition government is such a positive step on the road to true democracy.

Also, an official apology is due to a certain Mr Usher, who to the best of our knowledge has never been involved in any kind of celebrity meltdown, particularly not at a certain fast food outlet in Paris, France. Pharrell Williams, on the other hand, wants to ask us if we know who he is…

Episode 20 – From music to movies, news to NILFs – it’s the best (and worst) of the Noughties!


We’re back after our six-week summer holiday, and seeing as it’s practically 2010 already, we’ve decided to get ahead of the game by discussing the best (and baddest) bits of the Noughties.

***Click here to listen to Bullshit Bingo Episode 20!***

So brace yourselves for our favourite TV shows – for example, this slice of documentary genius from Adam Curtis:

…our musical magic moments – for example, this slice of bastardisatio…er, I mean genius from Missy Elliot and Joy Division:

…and our political highs and lows – for example, this slice of reactionary rhetoric from George Bush (at least we think it’s George Bush…).

Last but not least, we couldn’t talk about anything – least of all the Noughties – without giving it an ILF, so with that in mind, feast your ears and eyes on this little lot (if the BSB team really are gentlemen – which is debatable – then we would appear to prefer brunettes):

Audrey Tatou

Brooke Burke

Teri Hatcher

Episode 19 – TWAGs, rock star deaths, Great British Losers and the Overrated List


Batten down the hatches, lock up your daughters and leave a note out for the milkman, because the new episode of Bullshit Bingo is available for your listening delectation!

***Click here to listen to Bullshit Bingo Episode 19***

This month sees us discuss the burning question at Wimbledon 2009, namely, which player has the fittest wife, Roger Federer or Andy Roddick?

Mirka Federer

Brooklyn Roddick

In a similarly sporting vein, we also argue over who is or was the greatest British loser of all time, and aside from the obvious candidates, this man is an under-achiever of almost mythical proportions.

Alex Bogdanovic

In fact, if you happen to know who the hell he is, can you drop us a line?

Other folks up for discussion include a certain now-deceased pop / R&B crossover artiste (no, not Luther Vandross), our fellow WordPress bloggers, the Overrated List, and the nearly-was boxing legend Herol Graham.

Listen, enjoy, tell your friends, listen again, inadvertently delete from your iTunes library, experience a network timeout during download, and while you’re at it, say hello to our new pals at Gutter London. New balls, please!



We’ve all got one – a song which gives us the creeps.  Or if you’re me, you don’t have one, you have several (not included in the podcast but also on my list: Eleanor Rigby).

In Episode 14, we reveal our secret scary songs – and they include this seasonal favourite:

This choice from Eddie:

And this 1970s classic:

Mind you, I think it was those frightful oink Cockney children shouting out in the chorus that really scared me on that last one, not the meat grinder. And who could forget the scary inflatable cartoon teacher! *Shudders*.



No, not everyday people in your life – we don’t mean your boss. We mean rock and pop stars. The people you know you’re supposed to like.

You know: the musicians who you respect and everything, and you know they’re very good and all that, and you can obviously objectively admire their work, and blah blah blah – but let’s face it: they don’t really do it for you. You don’t really love ’em.

Top of my list? This man:

elvis costello

Agree? Disagree? Want to beat me senseless with a copy of This Year’s Model? Well, who’s on your list? The Bullshit Bingo crew will be discussing this topic in the next podcast – so please do leave a comment and tell us!

*UPDATE* Find out who made our final list by listening to Episode 14.



Recognise this man?


No?  Well, that’s because he really should be more famous.

Listen to Episode 13 to find out who he is, who he might possibly have had angry sex with – and which other musicians we think are greatly underrated. (Note: Bucks Fizz not featured this time.)

And do tell us who *you* think is great, and yet insufficiently recognised. (Note: Bucks Fizz are allowed. I wish I’d said Five Star, too.)



What with this new-fangled downloading nonsense – and before it, the death of vinyl and its 12-inch gatefold sleeves – album artwork ain’t what it used to be.

Inspired by this brilliant ad campaign by Smooth Radio (and look, it’s started a whole trend among The Kids!) –

– the boys discuss some of their most memorable album covers, which include the following:

And find out why, for Sean, this iconic image –

– shall be forever connected with this marginally less iconic image:

Personally, I remember being hypnotised by the debut Bucks Fizz album, and would stare endlessly in close-up at the marvellous make-up on the ladies, the cover shot only being bettered by being EVEN BIGGER on the inside gatefold:

Although I also remember being equally slightly disturbed by their third album Hand Cut, with its bizarre cover image. Perhaps Bucks Fizz had started collaborating with Roger Dean by this point?




Tom speculates that Elvis Presley would have turned from this:

into this:

While Sean ponders the alternative career progressions of Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison; and Eddie hazards a guess as to what Nick Drake might be up to now. Hint: it’s not that different from what he was up to when he was alive.




The name’s Thompson. Daley Thompson.

It’s the August podcast – and Tom’s missing. Has he been kidnapped by aliens? No, because that would be a conspiracy theory, and we don’t believe those.

Yes, we’re back – back! – and this month, we’re pontificating about the greatest ever film theme songs, the most believable conspiracy theories, the board games we used to know and love, and the athletes we know and would love to do.

Technical note: because Tom is our technical guru, Andrea and Sean had to learn how to record and edit this podcast using Fisher Price’s My First Podcasting Software – so it sounds ever-so-slightly different from our usual episodes. Hopefully, however, we still retain our charm.

*Click here to listen to this month’s podcast*

Please leave comments and tell us what you think. And who you’d like us to discuss schtoofing next time.

Yours with a licence to podcast,

The BS Bingo crew (three-quarters thereof)



There was a time when movies had cracking theme songs. Shaft. The Way We Were. Arthur’s Theme. Take My Breath Away.

OK, so that time was clearly the 70s and 80s.

Since then, it’s all been generic movie soundtracks – apart from the James Bond stable, of course.

Which is your favouritest movie song? And should Amy Winehouse be recording the title track to Quantum of Solace? As long as she can find a rhyme for ‘solace’, that is?