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Episode 19 – TWAGs, rock star deaths, Great British Losers and the Overrated List


Batten down the hatches, lock up your daughters and leave a note out for the milkman, because the new episode of Bullshit Bingo is available for your listening delectation!

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This month sees us discuss the burning question at Wimbledon 2009, namely, which player has the fittest wife, Roger Federer or Andy Roddick?

Mirka Federer

Brooklyn Roddick

In a similarly sporting vein, we also argue over who is or was the greatest British loser of all time, and aside from the obvious candidates, this man is an under-achiever of almost mythical proportions.

Alex Bogdanovic

In fact, if you happen to know who the hell he is, can you drop us a line?

Other folks up for discussion include a certain now-deceased pop / R&B crossover artiste (no, not Luther Vandross), our fellow WordPress bloggers, the Overrated List, and the nearly-was boxing legend Herol Graham.

Listen, enjoy, tell your friends, listen again, inadvertently delete from your iTunes library, experience a network timeout during download, and while you’re at it, say hello to our new pals at Gutter London. New balls, please!

Episode 17 – Sci-fi sexiness, global pandemics, fantasy interviews and, er, Cannon and Ball!


Having taken a short sabbatical at our Buddhist meditation retreat in the Nepalese mountains, we’re back with the all-singing, all-dancing, all-new…


Yes, this month, we discuss such diverse, wide-ranging, varied and, er, multifarious topics as the intrinsic link between these futuristic femmes-fatales:

Erin Gray

Carrie Fisher

Sigourney Weaver

Also, there’s Formula 1, Howard Hughes, TV partnerships we have known and loved, Mexican swine flu, whether or not Oprah Winfrey is still eating fast food, Sean as a 16 year old, Tom in his slip-ons, and Eddie stealing fast food from a small child (possibly).

Also also, this month, and for all subsequent months (unless we can persuade her to re-appear as a guest star), we shall sadly be without the diverse, wide-ranging, varied and…well, anyway, the many talents of our cohort in conversation, Andrea.

For some reason, Andrea has decided that international musical superstardom is more glamorous than sitting around a rickety table talking about who she’d like to get off with, so if you would like to help her along the way, please invest in her excellent new CD, which is currently shifting big units (if that doesn’t make her sound too much like Aussie Man & Van) in the Far East.

Finally, and as always, we have cunningly inserted a deliberate mistake into Episode 17. The first listener who manages to spot this will receive a hearty pat on the back and a year’s supply of Bullshit Bingo absolutely free – yes, that’s right, absolutely free! By way of a subtle hint, the mistake has something to do with this man:


Happy listening, and watch this space for more info about our glorious 18th birthday episode…

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But enough about you. Where were we when? And by when, we do of course mean: during earth-shatteringly important world events. Such as: Live Aid. Lennon being shot. Live Aid being shot. Lennon being on Live Aid. Etcetera.

In Episode 15, Andrea raves about being in Washington for Barack Obama’s inauguration, Tom reveals his childhood take on Charles and Diana’s wedding, Eddie reminisces about Nelson Mandela’s release from prison – he never did get that nail file back – and Sean… well, Sean was hit hard by this moment:





In Episode 14, we discuss our highlights of 2008 – including this little fella:


This over-achieving fella:


And these similarly over-achieving fellas and gals:


Nice to see some human achievement though, isn’t it? And that’s just the people at Pixar.



The name’s Thompson. Daley Thompson.

It’s the August podcast – and Tom’s missing. Has he been kidnapped by aliens? No, because that would be a conspiracy theory, and we don’t believe those.

Yes, we’re back – back! – and this month, we’re pontificating about the greatest ever film theme songs, the most believable conspiracy theories, the board games we used to know and love, and the athletes we know and would love to do.

Technical note: because Tom is our technical guru, Andrea and Sean had to learn how to record and edit this podcast using Fisher Price’s My First Podcasting Software – so it sounds ever-so-slightly different from our usual episodes. Hopefully, however, we still retain our charm.

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Please leave comments and tell us what you think. And who you’d like us to discuss schtoofing next time.

Yours with a licence to podcast,

The BS Bingo crew (three-quarters thereof)



It’s a weird, weird world!

In this episode we goggle in wonder at the strangest stories on the BBC news site – including impostor statues, killer squirrels and Dame Judi Dench.

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Keep those comments coming.

The Bullshit Bingo boys (and gal)



This episode sees our ranks swell to include a new member!

We welcome in the new year by welcoming Andrea, jazz singer to the stars and wit extraordinaire.

We also revisit the US primaries, take another pulse reading of the music industry, groan at the prospect of new year resolutions and then cheer ourselves up by thinking happy thoughts.

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The making of this podcast saw us quaff wine and pasta – but in separate containers.

Thanks so much for you loyal listenership; we love you for loving us – just like Jesus, or Tom Cruise even.

The Bullshit Bingo boys (and gal)

PS. Apologies for the distort on some of the chat.



It’s episode 4 and it is our best yet, or something

We discuss why Britain is shit at sport, the nonsense of Hallowe’en and just how do you ask someone about their disability?

The making of this podcast saw us drain several bottles of red and digest some particularly spicy pasta alla puttanesca.

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Keep the comments and suggestions coming, or we’ll send the firm round.

We thank you.

The Bullshit Bingo boys