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Corporate speak – an apology and a bonus or two


You remember when last month we asked for your examples of corporate speak? We promised – promised, I tell you! – that Episode 16 of BSB would feature a lengthy, insightful and at the same time amusing discussion around the topic, but I’m afraid to say that we have let you down. We did talk about corporate speak over our usual bottle of wine, pasta-based evening meal and fancy dessert, but when it came to editing together Episode 16, for reasons of brevity, levity and, er, something else ending in ‘evity’, the item was consigned to the proverbial cutting room floor.

We feel so ashamed about this that we’ve decided to grant you two extra-special bonus items, namely the aforementioned corporate speak discussion, in glorious mono, with all jingles and stuff to make it sound more fancy, and a very long list of the latest in corporate bullshi…er, I mean management terminology, hot off the presses of the Local Government Association.

Click, listen, read and enjoy:

*The BSB Bonus – Corporate Speak!*


Across-the-piece – everyone working together
Actioned – do
Advocate – support
Agencies – groups
Ambassador – leader
Area based – in an area
Area focused – concentrating on the area
Autonomous – independent
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Hopefully you don’t. Because then you’d be like this man:


We want to know what the word is in your office. Literally. Apparently, everyone at the BBC has suddenly started talking about “scoping” and “de-scoping” things. You know, projects, marriages… Which begs the question why? whatever do they mean?

The world has come a long way since blue-sky thinking, peeps. Although not so far that they’ve been able to take it offline. So we want to know what supremely irritating phrases or words are doing the rounds out there, in the Real World Of Work*, right now. Let us know in a comment below. And we’ll scope it, or de-scope it, in the next podcast.

*Because I work from home, and quite frankly, can only speak in internet-speak. OMG! See?