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Episode 20 – From music to movies, news to NILFs – it’s the best (and worst) of the Noughties!


We’re back after our six-week summer holiday, and seeing as it’s practically 2010 already, we’ve decided to get ahead of the game by discussing the best (and baddest) bits of the Noughties.

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So brace yourselves for our favourite TV shows – for example, this slice of documentary genius from Adam Curtis:

…our musical magic moments – for example, this slice of bastardisatio…er, I mean genius from Missy Elliot and Joy Division:

…and our political highs and lows – for example, this slice of reactionary rhetoric from George Bush (at least we think it’s George Bush…).

Last but not least, we couldn’t talk about anything – least of all the Noughties – without giving it an ILF, so with that in mind, feast your ears and eyes on this little lot (if the BSB team really are gentlemen – which is debatable – then we would appear to prefer brunettes):

Audrey Tatou

Brooke Burke

Teri Hatcher

Fantasy politicians and dead directors – the warm-up begins for our 18th birthday!


Normally, your 18th birthday means coming of age, taking on new responsibilities and setting new goals. For Bullshit Bingo, however, it means the complete opposite. If anything, the BSB team are even more stunted, immature and obsessed with the sex lives of minor celebrities than when we first started, and we need to make up for our intellectual shortcomings by asking you, our valued listeners, for your help with Episode 18.

Firstly, the history of politics is littered with z-list high-profile celebrities who wanted to liven up the parliamentary process. For example, these two unlikely candidates have recently expressed their desire to run for office:

Esther Rantzen

Krist Novoselic

We’re thinking they won’t exactly romp home with a huge majority, but if you could vote for anyone come the next election – yes, that’s anyone at all, folks! – who would it be, and why?

Secondly, the history of film-making is littered with great directors, from Cecil B.DeMille to D.W.Griffith to, er, McG, but let’s face it, one or two of them should have hung up their megaphones a good few years ago…

George Lucas

Francis Ford Coppola

So, if you could quietly dispose of a famous film director – with a blunt instrument, for example, and before rolling their body up in a carpet and dumping it in a deserted lay-by – who would it be, and why? We’re not saying that we wish these guys had passed away in tragic circumstances several decades ago. Oh no. We’re just saying that if they had, the cinematic oeuvre would be mercifully free of some distinctly below-par films – like Jack, for example, or Revenge of the Sith – thus making the world a better place. Although not for their immediate friends and family. But anyway, you get the idea.

As usual, we’ll be bowled over with gratitude if you can give us your suggestions, and the best ones will be included in Episode 18 itself. Possibly. If we remember to mention them. Like I say, you get the idea.



Or rather: the winner should be. Or rather: shouldn’t be.

Yes, it’s silly season – sorry, awards season – and in Episode 15, the Bullshit Bingo team take great delight in discussing their Oscar travesties, including the prospect of this movie sweeping the board this year –


– as well as giving their take on the Most Outstandingly Annoying Performance By An Actress At Any Awards Ceremony Ever:



Forget what you’ve heard: big boys do cry. Well, the Bullshit Bingo boys do. They – and me, BSB’s token female – discuss which movies have made us blub like girls. They include a modern Pixar classic, a seasonal favourite, a story about a loveable alien (no, not ALF) and this:


Listen to Episode 13 to find out what possible excuse Eddie could have for crying at Ghost. I know – it had better be a good one.

And do tell us which films made you cry. Although not because they were a dire romcom that wasted millions of dollars which could have been better spent bringing clean water to the Third World. Yes, You, Me And Dupree, I mean you.



Tom’s superhero is Dennis the Menace (who needs, you know, superpowers?!). Although I hate to break this to him – but didn’t Hollywood already do that one, American stylee? ‘American stylee’ meaning, of course a) ‘starring Walter Matthau as the obligatory grumpy old man’, and b) ‘Dennis being blonde and angelic-looking’. Compare and contrast:

British version

American version (even Gnasher’s cute!)

Meanwhile: Eddie gets his beef off about superhero movies in general and suggests an interesting cartoon alternative:

While Sean gets very carried away with who should be cast in The Simpsons movie. Sean, here’s who it should be!




There was a time when movies had cracking theme songs. Shaft. The Way We Were. Arthur’s Theme. Take My Breath Away.

OK, so that time was clearly the 70s and 80s.

Since then, it’s all been generic movie soundtracks – apart from the James Bond stable, of course.

Which is your favouritest movie song? And should Amy Winehouse be recording the title track to Quantum of Solace? As long as she can find a rhyme for ‘solace’, that is?



…and David Tennant’s new assistant, now that Catherine Tate’s gone?

A few of the suggestions from the podcast:

Julian Barratt (he’s the one on the right)

National embarrassment Lovable eccentric Boris Johnson

Peaches Geldof (now we’re just getting silly)

So, what about you? (As in: who do you think. Not: would you like to be the big-screen Doctor Who/David Tennant’s new assistant).  Give us your suggestions in a comment below. We promise to pass them on to Stephen Moffatt/the studio bigwigs. No, really. We do. We have contacts. And they really do pay attention to us. No, really. They do.



We’re on iTunes!  And we’re celebrating with a new format.

From now on we’ll be compiling and discussing quirky cultural lists designed to entice your opinions.  For example, in this month’s episode we list PILFS (see below), food that time forgot, a bunch of 21st century sins and actors whose careers never lived up to their early hype.

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Enjoy, comment and spread.

The BS Bingo Crew