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Episode 18 – Arousing adverts, disappearing manners and why even Joanna Lumley should fiddle her expenses!


This month sees BSB leave no stone un-turned and no stop un-pulled-out, as we sprinkle our satirical fairy dust over everyone from Guy Ritchie to Hazel Blears to people who forget to wave at us as they drive past in their BMW X5.

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Among numerous (well, OK, four) topics of conversation, we discuss the advertisements that have made us tingle with consumer excitement, including this one from Coca Cola.

This one from the, er, Coca Cola Corporation.

And this one from the Birds Eye Corporation.

Not to mention a comedy routine from the late, great Bill Hicks about – whadda ya know? – the Coca Cola Corporation.

In addition, we want you to tell us why good manners have become a thing of the past (or, if you’re not as avid a reader of the Daily Mail as Sean, why good manners are alive and well and haven’t gone away at all). In order to start the ball rolling, here’s a site we discovered that conclusively proves how no one gives a damn any more about priority seating on public transport:

As a polite American waiter, waitress or bartender might say: Enjoy, and have a nice day!



nyc1…everybody’s talking about which is the most polite city.

New York topped a recent survey to find the most polite city in the world – no, really – while our own beloved London scored rather poorly.

The BSB team discuss their experiences of the Big Apple, the Big Smoke, and the Big Hello Kitty. Or whatever Tokyo is known as.

Which city has Sean found to be the most helpful whenever his bike breaks down?

In which city did Eddie get asked for money in rhyme?

And where did Tom hear nothing but praise for Londoners (clue: it wasn’t in London)?

Listen to Episode 13 to find out!

Photograph taken by Andrea, on one of her many trips to New York where people were unfailingly polite to her.