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Episode 20 – From music to movies, news to NILFs – it’s the best (and worst) of the Noughties!


We’re back after our six-week summer holiday, and seeing as it’s practically 2010 already, we’ve decided to get ahead of the game by discussing the best (and baddest) bits of the Noughties.

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So brace yourselves for our favourite TV shows – for example, this slice of documentary genius from Adam Curtis:

…our musical magic moments – for example, this slice of bastardisatio…er, I mean genius from Missy Elliot and Joy Division:

…and our political highs and lows – for example, this slice of reactionary rhetoric from George Bush (at least we think it’s George Bush…).

Last but not least, we couldn’t talk about anything – least of all the Noughties – without giving it an ILF, so with that in mind, feast your ears and eyes on this little lot (if the BSB team really are gentlemen – which is debatable – then we would appear to prefer brunettes):

Audrey Tatou

Brooke Burke

Teri Hatcher


Episode 17 – Sci-fi sexiness, global pandemics, fantasy interviews and, er, Cannon and Ball!


Having taken a short sabbatical at our Buddhist meditation retreat in the Nepalese mountains, we’re back with the all-singing, all-dancing, all-new…


Yes, this month, we discuss such diverse, wide-ranging, varied and, er, multifarious topics as the intrinsic link between these futuristic femmes-fatales:

Erin Gray

Carrie Fisher

Sigourney Weaver

Also, there’s Formula 1, Howard Hughes, TV partnerships we have known and loved, Mexican swine flu, whether or not Oprah Winfrey is still eating fast food, Sean as a 16 year old, Tom in his slip-ons, and Eddie stealing fast food from a small child (possibly).

Also also, this month, and for all subsequent months (unless we can persuade her to re-appear as a guest star), we shall sadly be without the diverse, wide-ranging, varied and…well, anyway, the many talents of our cohort in conversation, Andrea.

For some reason, Andrea has decided that international musical superstardom is more glamorous than sitting around a rickety table talking about who she’d like to get off with, so if you would like to help her along the way, please invest in her excellent new CD, which is currently shifting big units (if that doesn’t make her sound too much like Aussie Man & Van) in the Far East.

Finally, and as always, we have cunningly inserted a deliberate mistake into Episode 17. The first listener who manages to spot this will receive a hearty pat on the back and a year’s supply of Bullshit Bingo absolutely free – yes, that’s right, absolutely free! By way of a subtle hint, the mistake has something to do with this man:


Happy listening, and watch this space for more info about our glorious 18th birthday episode…

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Tom’s superhero is Dennis the Menace (who needs, you know, superpowers?!). Although I hate to break this to him – but didn’t Hollywood already do that one, American stylee? ‘American stylee’ meaning, of course a) ‘starring Walter Matthau as the obligatory grumpy old man’, and b) ‘Dennis being blonde and angelic-looking’. Compare and contrast:

British version

American version (even Gnasher’s cute!)

Meanwhile: Eddie gets his beef off about superhero movies in general and suggests an interesting cartoon alternative:

While Sean gets very carried away with who should be cast in The Simpsons movie. Sean, here’s who it should be!




…and David Tennant’s new assistant, now that Catherine Tate’s gone?

A few of the suggestions from the podcast:

Julian Barratt (he’s the one on the right)

National embarrassment Lovable eccentric Boris Johnson

Peaches Geldof (now we’re just getting silly)

So, what about you? (As in: who do you think. Not: would you like to be the big-screen Doctor Who/David Tennant’s new assistant).  Give us your suggestions in a comment below. We promise to pass them on to Stephen Moffatt/the studio bigwigs. No, really. We do. We have contacts. And they really do pay attention to us. No, really. They do.



Ah, schoolboy/girl crushes! Where are they now?

In Kim Wilde‘s case, doing the gardening:

To justify my choice: here’s Alan Alda as Hawkeye Pierce in M*A*S*H (get it now, fellas?!):

Kylie Minogue then and now (I don’t quite get what Tom’s going on about):

And for Sean, the new-look Cyndi Lauper:

And you, dear reader/listener? Who were your crushes? Come on, tell us. We won’t tell (we’ll just put your comment live).